Bat preadtion by Phyllostomus hastatus

Monik Oprea, Thiago B. Vieira, Vinícius T. Pimenta, Poliana Mendes, Daniel Brito, Albert D. Ditchfield, Leonardo V. Knegt, Carlos Eduardo L. Esbérard


Predation is well studied experimentally and empirically, even though it may be difficult to be observed in the field for nocturnal species, such as bats. We studied bat assemblages through mist-netting in four Atlantic Forest sites in the states of Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, Southeastern Brazil. Here we report the observation of four predation events of individuals of the species Glossophaga soricina, Carollia perspicillata and Myotis nigricans by Phyllostomus hastatus. Our observations suggest that P. hastatus may opportunistically prey upon smaller bats.

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