A new case of complete albinism in a bat from Brazil

Hernani F.M. de Oliveira, Ludmilla M.S. Aguiar


Albinism has been observed in many vertebrate taxa, but is a rare phenomenon in bats. A recent review reports records of complete albinism in 38 species among the 1,045 bat species occurring in the world. We sampled the area of the Ecological Station of Águas Emendadas, in Planaltina, northeast of Brasília, Federal District of Brazil, in October of 2007 and January of 2008. Bats were captured using nine mist nets set at ground level, opened for six hours each night. Here we describe the first record of true albinism in an individual of Artibeus cinereus in the Brazilian Cerrado.

Keywords: Artibeus cinereus, Chiroptera, Cerrado, foliage-roosting, Mammalia, mist netting.

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