Ampliação da distribuição e descrição da dieta de Mimon bennettii (Phyllostomidae, Phyllostominae) no sul do Brasil

Fernando Carvalho, Ariovaldo P. da Cruz-Neto, Jairo J. Zocche


Distribution extension and diet description of Mimon bennettii (Phyllostomidae: Phyllostominae) in southern Brazil. Mimon bennetti is distributed from southeastern Mexico to southern Brazil, but despite this wide distribution, scarce information is available about its natural history. The aim of the present study was to document a distribution extension for this species, as well as to describe the diet and roost use by a group of individuals observed in nocturnal roots. The study was conducted in the municipality of Pedras Grandes, in the southern region of the state of Santa Catarina, between October 2005 and July 2007. Bats were captured in mist nets and food pellets were collected in two traps placed under nocturnal roosts. Additional dietary information was obtained from faecal samples of the individuals caught in mist nets. The bats fed on arthropods from six orders and eight families. With the record of M. bennettii in the municipality of Pedras Grandes, the distribution of this species was extended 100 km south of its previously known limit. Although the diet of this species has been reported as diverse, the results of this study indicate an exclusively insectivore diet for the sampled population. This study although with a short observation period, provides important information about the distribution and natural history of M. bennettii.
Keywords: arthropods, Coleoptera, food, natural history.

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