Anotaciones sobre dieta, estado reproductivo, actividad y tamaño de colonia del murciélago mastín común (Molossus molossus: Molossidae) en la zona urbana de Popayán, Departamento del Cauca, Colombia

Héctor E. Ramírez-Chaves, Ofelia Mejía-Egas, Giselle Zambrano-G.


Notes on reproduction, activity and preys items found in stomach contents and feces of a colony of Pallas ́s mastiff bat (Molossus molossus) located in the urban sector of Popayan municipality, Cauca, Colombia. Observations on reproduction, activity and preys of a colony of Molossus molossus in the urban zone of Popayan, Colombia, are showed. The colony was conformed by young, pregnant and lactating females, and sexually inactive males. Females (82% of captures) were more abundant than males, probably because this species conform maternity colonies. Coleoptera was the most common prey item found in stomach contents and feces. High levels of activity were observed between 18:00 and 19:00 hours.
Keywords: activity, diet, Molossus molossus, reproduction, urban zone, Colombia.

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